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This is the home of Social Cartography, formerly known as Karass. Read on to discover what social cartography is, what it aims to be, and how it became. 



Adventures In C++

I’ve restarted porting my FourD.js library to C++, so I can re-import it as webassembly again. At first, I tried to set up clang to compile webassembly, but was quickly corrected to emscripten on stackoverflow.  Here you can find the C++ code, and here is the code that calls the compiled js and wasm library. …

News Processing

News Processing Input news text parse language for named entities for named entity if entity is person determine confidence: is member of other named entity. display resulting graph. I think this sort of news analysis is possible and feasible, given recent technological breakthroughs. The result would be a constant stream of hierarchy changes, broadcast in …

Each variable a vessel

Joshua Marshall Moore March 30th, 2019 Go forth brave explorers, and fulfill your claim, gather all that you ought, with a variable’s aim. Remember your scope, as the values approach, and be faithful in keeping the values you poach. Oh, what will you encounter, on all of your trail, It’s a shame you’re not built …


I like graphs, compilers, javascript, and long walks on the beach. My name is Joshua M. Moore, and I work as a Systems Engineer at Hirschi Masonry. Feel free to shoot me an email if you enjoy what you see.